Helen Dalzell

Registered Financial Adviser

I have been a financial adviser for over 15 years working with all of the major insurers. My focus is on informing and educating my clients by explaining things in a simplified way so they fully understand their options and are then able to make an informed decision as to their own requirements through my detailed advice process.

Prior to that I have worked for Tower Insurance as a customer service consultant and also spent 8 years in the UK working for a Lloyds Broker. I have extensive experience and knowledge of all of the major insurers and their policies and products and I am constantly upskilling and educating myself with enhancements that are introduced by them.

I enjoy meeting different people and especially being able to help them with providing honest and independent advice to help them to protect themselves and their loved ones. I put a special focus on being able to explain things in ‘plain English’ and very good at helping clients prioritise their spending on their insurances.

Helen Dalzell

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