Could you be paying lower ACC levies? Don’t pay more for less; look at leveraging your insurance.

A large number of small businesses and self-employed New Zealanders are overpaying on their ACC levies, mainly because they are unaware of how ACC works and what other options are available to them.

ACC only provides loss of earnings compensation for work or non-work related personal injury – not for illness or a disability that prevents you from working – which statistics show is a far more likely scenario. The standard ACC policy – ACC CoverPlus, also only pays 80 per cent in loss of earnings compensation based on your previous year’s income. So if you made a financial loss in the previous year, you won’t receive a cent.

Both contractors and self-employed business owners can save significant amounts by booking a Workplace Review and leveraging insurance. How does a reduction in your ACC levies and up-to-date protection for your business sound?

Talk to one of our insurance advisers about our complimentary service, ACC Helper.