House insurance that stretches

SumExtra from Vero is the first benefit available that truly addresses the underinsurance risk posed by policyholders failing to accurately measure the cost of rebuilding their home.

If your existing house insurance is with Vero, it costs you nothing to upgrade to SumExtra. See below for more details about how to activate it on your policy, or we welcome you to give us a call or email us for help. If you are interested in changing your house insurance to SumExtra, get in touch with an Insurance People adviser.

SumExtra with Vero

Up to 10% extra cover for natural disasters: With SumExtra, if your home is damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster(1) and your Sum Insured cover isn’t enough to pay for the repair or rebuild, you will receive up to 10% more cover.

Repair or replacement otherwise: If the loss to their home is caused by an event other than a natural disaster, with SumExtra you’re covered for the repair or replacement of your home even if the cost exceeds the Sum Insured amount.

Getting SumExtra: It costs nothing to get SumExtra and there’s no need to sign up for it.
Most Vero home policyholders can take advantage of SumExtra(2). You just need to use the Cordell Calculator or a suitably qualified professional(3) to estimate your home’s replacement cost, then use this to set the Sum Insured value.

The Sum Insured must be at least the value of this replacement cost estimate, which needs to be less than three years old when they you their Sum Insured. Once that’s done, SumExtra is sorted automatically – just like that.

Get in touch if your existing home insurance is with Vero or if you’d like to know more about SumExtra. Click here.
1. Natural disaster means earthquake, natural landslip, volcanic eruption, hydrothermal
activity, tsunami or fire resulting from any of these.
2. Policies that are insured for indemnity value are excluded.
3. A registered valuer, registered quantity surveyor, building practitioner holding an
appropriate trade licence, or such other specialist as we accept.

Help on the Roadside.

Surprise breakdowns are no fun, and can be quite a spanner in the works. Do you have AA Roadside Assist as part of your vehicle cover? Ask us for more details if you have existing cover with Insurance People or for information if you’re looking for new cover. Plus, check out the new AA Roadside Assist App – an incredibly handy tool to have when your driving is unexpectedly interrupted.

The list of services and benefits of Roadside Assist service with your Insurance People cover is a long one. You can browse all the details provided below.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE – Services provided with Vehicle Insurance through Insurance People.
Phone 0800 734 543. Quote either your registration number (your number plate) or you’re your insurance policy number.

  • Every time we attend a breakdown we want to get you going again and we do this in 93% of our breakdowns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
  • When we can’t get you going we will promptly organise for the vehicle to be transported to the nearest repairer or place of safety.
  • An Emergency Taxi is available to get you on your way should the vehicle not be mobilized. A Taxi will be arranged to travel to any destination of your choice, we will cover first $60 of the fare in metro areas and $100 in rural areas.
  • The number of breakdown callouts offered each year is not limited but is subject to qualifying criteria being met. Your vehicle will need a WOF and need to be currently registered.

The following explains how Roadside Assist services look after you if you have a breakdown:

Engine, Electrical or Cooling Faults
We will attempt to diagnose the problem and where possible, provide emergency repairs to your engine, electrical or cooling system at the roadside at no charge. If the fault can’t be fixed then we will transport the vehicle to the nearest available repairer or place of safety.

After Hours Recovery
If you breakdown at night and your vehicle cannot be mobilised then we will transport and safely store your vehicle overnight at no charge then deliver your vehicle to the nearest repairer the following business day.

Caravans/Trailer towing
If you are towing a caravan or trailer when you have a breakdown and we can tow the caravan or trailer behind the recovery vehicle we will do so at no charge. If the trailer or caravan can’t be towed we will arrange for towing to be provided but this towing will be at your expense. Trailer size is limited to a maximum 7 metres in length (excluding tow-bar) 2.44 metres wide and /or 3 metres high.

Wheels and Tyres
We will change a damaged tyre/wheel with your spare, as long as it’s roadworthy and safe to use, at no charge.  Where the spare is not roadworthy or safe to use, recovery to the nearest place able to supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel can be provided, however this will be at your expense.

Flat & Faulty Batteries
We will provide a jump start and any other practical assistance at the roadside to get your vehicle going again at no charge. Sometimes the problem with your battery may be more serious, after a quick test we will be able to tell you if your battery is faulty and needs to be replaced. A new battery will be offered to you at a special discounted rate but you will need to pay for this.
If we can’t get you going again due to a faulty battery, and the battery cannot be replaced then we will recover your vehicle to the nearest available repairer to have a battery installed, this recovery will be at no charge but any new battery will be at your cost.

If you have locked your keys in your vehicle we will attempt to re-open your vehicle. We will however need proof of your ownership or the owner’s permission to re-open the vehicle.

Lost Keys
If you have lost your keys and you don’t have a spare set immediately available we can either;
1. Arrange for a replacement set to be couriered to you at no charge as soon as possible; or
2. Arrange for a locksmith to attend to make a new key. We will pay for the locksmith to get to you but any charges for the new key will be at your expense.

If you run out of petrol or diesel then we will deliver to you up to $20 worth of fuel to get you going again. The delivery is free however you will be charged for the fuel itself. If we can’t get fuel to you then we will transport your vehicle to the nearest service station.

If you run out of CNG or LPG we can transport your vehicle to the nearest LPG/CNG equipped service station but all transportation cost will be at your expense.

If you have accidently filled up with the wrong fuel then we can arrange for your vehicle to be transported to the nearest repairer or service station where arrangements can be made to get you going again. The transportation of your vehicle will be at your expense.

Accident / Theft / Break-in
An accident, vehicle theft or vehicle break in can be a traumatic experience, so you can trust one of our Case Manager to help guide you through it.

We can assist you and facilitate recovery of an immobilised vehicle to your choice of approved repairer.  We will even alert your insurer of the incident and vehicle location.

  • Reassurance by phone and activation of emergency services (if required)
  • Notification to friends, family or colleagues of your delay
  • Provide you with “what to do next” information
  • Ensure that you are made mobile
  • Notify attending services of all relevant information, i.e. vehicle location & other relevant factors We can offer medical advice and counselling
  • Make any alterations to travel plans you may require


15 ‘blow your mind’ facts about NZ

We’re all about helping Kiwis protect what’s important to them – New Zealand and the people in it have something pretty special to protect, wouldn’t you agree?

Life of course often brings its fair share of the good and the not so good, but a little while ago we spent some time surfing the net to see what people think about our little patch of the world. We stumbled upon BuzzFeed’s 69 Facts About New Zealand That’ll Blow Your MindHere’s our top 15 pick… What would you add?

1. The longest place name in the world is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, a hill in Hawkes Bay.

2. No part of New Zealand is more than 128km (79 miles) from the sea.

3. Only 5% of NZ’s population is human- the rest are animals.

4. NZ is the least corrupt nation in the world (tied with Denmark), according to the Corruptions Perception Index.

5. Blue Lake, in Nelson Lakes National Park, has the clearest water in the world.

6. There are more vending machines in Japan than there are people in New Zealand.

7. One in three Auckland households own a boat.

8. Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, is the world’s steepest street. The road has a gradient of 1 in 2.86 at its steepest section, a 38 per cent grade.

9. About one third of the country is protected national park.

10. In the Lord of the Rings films, the beer drunk on camera was a custom NZ brew called ‘Sobering Thought’.

11. Two NZ rescue dogs were taught to drive a car around a track, in order to prove the intelligence of shelter animals.

12. There is a giant carnivorous snail living in the South Island.

13. There is a clock in Dunedin which has been running since 1864, despite never having been wound since it was made.

14. New Zealand is the only country in the world where all the highest positions have been simultaneously held by women: In 2006, the Queen, the Governor-General, the PM, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chief Justice were all women.

15. In 2014, after losing a poker bet, a New Zealand man legally changed his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova. The 99-character name was almost denied because the legal limit is 100 characters.

For the full list of 69 facts from BuzzFeed, click here.

“They came to the hospital!”

Going the extra mile…David shares his experience with Katrina Church (pictured) and Insurance People.

There is something very comforting about being able to trust an expert. And when you are setting up your own business, choosing the right insurance can be just another stress you could do without. So when new business owner David sat down with Insurance People nearly 4 years ago, he was happy to be able to rely on their expertise to get the job done. And when he later had to make a claim, he realised that was one of the ‘best decisions he ever made’.

“I’ve been with Insurance People for 3 years, coming up 4. I would describe my experience of them during that time as very good. They came and saw me when I got in contact the first time and sat down and discussed my needs. I did it in a hurry because I was just starting up my business and needed to get insurance in place quickly. They were able to work quickly and went away, prepared quotes and I took the insurance.

They offered a good selection and some different alternatives, so it was always about what would work best for me. But as someone who was just buying a business I was able to ask them what I needed and they were able to show me my options. I had always been wary of brokers – especially after working in banking for years – but this was definitely not just a broker trying to sell me the product that makes the best commission and then walking away. What I get with Katrina and the team is really personal service: if I have any queries they always come back to me straightaway”.

Personal service which was to make all the difference when David broke his leg in an accident which was to take him out of work and stop him being able to earn his living. “I broke my leg on the Saturday, was in hospital by the Sunday so on Monday we started processing the insurance claims. I had a bunch of forms to fill in but I really wasn’t in the mood and was just feeling a bit sorry for myself. On the Tuesday or Wednesday, Katrina showed up at the hospital to help me fill the forms out! I was so impressed that they came out and saw me. They made it easy. A week after they followed up to check everything was alright, and the money was coming through all right. It really was – I always joke that I was almost better off in hospital than I was when I was earning!”

And to sum up, David describes his experience as ‘smooth and easy’. “Katrina is honest, bubbly and knows all the products from all the various companies. She really has a wealth of knowledge so you know you are always getting the best product for you. The service is so good: everything is smooth and easy. I certainly recommend them to people. They have been perfect – I couldn’t fault them.”

“Nothing was too much”.

Ten years ago, Christine Hutton went searching for an insurance adviser. And when she was recommended Katrina Church (pictured to the right) at Insurance People, she knew she had found someone who identified with her values and would be a great go-to person.

“I was looking for a partnership that I could trust and Katrina gave me that: a real person offering real service; not a huge corporation without a face. From the beginning I really felt that nothing was too much.

Katrina has never pushed a product, but has always thought carefully about who I am and my circumstances; and then aligned size, type and price of products with me. She clearly has great knowledge of the market and must be able to command a competitive price because I never felt I was paying more: it’s just really good service at a great price.”

Recently, when Christine’s health became an issue and she had to make a claim, the strength of the partnership had a significant impact. It was, in her own words, “effortless”.

“Katrina makes it really really easy 100% per cent of the time. I have had significant health issues in the last 18 months, and became part of the small category of people who have to make a large claim – even though I really don’t want to be. Katrina took away all the stress from the claims process: she checked all the paperwork; phoned the insurer; and got things fast tracked.

“I’m an intelligent person but it’s easy to miss the details – especially given the circumstances. Katrina would say to me: ‘By the way, we can claim on that particular piece of insurance’. It was a relief to know that she was taking care of it all. She also maintained contact with my husband while I was in hospital. It’s just a very good very personal service.”

And it is that combination of expertise and service that has so impressed Christine and made her recommend the Insurance People experience to others. She’s so impressed she would even introduce it to her workplace given the chance (Christine is the Head of HR for a large NZ company with employees across the country).

“If I had the opportunity I would incorporate them into our business – that is how much I would recommend them. The way that Insurance People have set themselves up is to do the right thing by their customers, and they really do. I wouldn’t be giving this interview today if I wasn’t so impressed by them!”

To find out more about how Insurance People advisers can help you, click here.

Protection from the toll of age…

It’s a fact – as we get older, there is greater risk that the body beautiful stops playing ball quite as well as when we were young. From an insurance perspective, this can mean that certain conditions can become hard to insure, expensive to insure, or even uninsurable.

It’s never too young to get health insurance, but of course, it doesn’t make sense to pay the premiums that come with age and greater risk before you can afford to.

Enter what we like to call Early Bird Health insurance. Basically it provides guaranteed medical insurability. You can apply for it based on your current health status and keep it on hold by paying a minimum premium until you decide you need it /or can afford it. As an example of cost, one of the leading insurers offers this option starting from $13 per month (subject to criteria).

You must take on the full Major Medical Cover before the age of 40 and there is a six month stand down period for any conditions that have occurred since you put the original policy in place. For example, if you had an ACL injury, you would be covered six months after the full medical is in place, as would any other conditions that may have cropped up since you first took out your cover.

Not a bad idea we think; it certainly provides for certainty of cover and can mitigate the risk of exclusions and higher premiums.

If you’d like to find out more about Major Medical Guaranteed Insurability and whether it is a good option for you, we welcome you to get in contact with one of our advisers – click here.

Older kids leaving home?

Insurance – not really the subject to get a rapturous response from your teenager. But if they’re making noises about going flatting, starting their first job, or planning on driving a bunch of their mates to the Mount this weekend, it’s definitely a good idea that they learn the basics…

Here are some handy conversations starters about what they need to know…

What they need to insure, and what they don’t

A 19-year-old with no assets apart from a skateboard and an old Honda does not need to be sold life or home insurance – and it does happen. But it can be a good idea to learn about the benefits of contents insurance, particularly to protect their more expensive items like iPhones and laptops if they’re no longer covered by your policy.

Getting medical insurance sooner saves money down the track

No, they don’t need expensive policies yet, but they should understand the basics of what medical insurance/ACC and the public health system covers, and the cost and exclusion benefits of choosing insurance sooner than later. Ask us about Guaranteed Medical Insurability. Starting at $13 a month (plus policy fee), it can be a smart way to minimise (or even eliminate) the exclusions that apply as we get older (and life has its say).

What the insurers will check if they have a car accident

As adults we learn the importance of following certain rules – like those that come with a driver’s licence. But consequence can still be a new thing for teens and even knowing the basics can be good protection. For example: insurers are unlikely to pay out if they’re driving passengers while on their restricted, or after 10pm, no matter the circumstances; and they’ll be short of a pay-out if their car doesn’t have a warrant or registration, etc.

That travel insurance is absolutely vital if going overseas

When they’ve scrimped together for a ticket, and sold the last of the Lego on Trade Me for spending money, forking out for travel insurance can be a step too far for some young travellers. It shouldn’t be, and they need to know why.

If you’re stuck and need some advice or have any questions about explaining the basics, just give us a call. We’re only too happy to help. Call us on 0800 823 823 or contact us here.

Strange insurance tales…

Truth can be stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to insurance. We’ve gathered some of the strangest claims that have been paid out on and some claims that were proven to be whoppers.

1. A livestock farmer in Devon, UK filed a claim that his phone disappeared inside the back end of one of his cows. He’d been using the torch on his iPhone while assisting a cow during calving during a dark and stormy night (a likely story). The phone did turn up (or came out), but unsurprisingly didn’t work. Claim paid.

2. An elaborate scam where a person played the roles of both the insured and third party. This claimant spoke on the phone with the insurance company pretending to be both people. An unusual telephone manner during the conversations rang warning bells and further investigations revealed that the third party’s mobile phone number had been put on the contact details for a previous claim for the insured. Not the brightest of fraudsters. Claim denied.

3. A claimant who had received medical insurance and benefits for heart problems was seen appearing on a major reality TV show and performing stunts. Claim denied.

4. A holidaying Brit dropped his wallet down a drain in Israel. He didn’t claim for the loss of his credit cards or cash, but rather for the medical bills he was faced with after being stung by a scorpion trying to retrieve it. Claim paid.

5. A man tried to claim on his world travel insurance policy for being denied boarding on a flight. Why? While trying to get on a plane in Manchester, UK, he was told he’d actually booked a flight from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Claim denied.

6. A man holidaying in Australia filed a claim that a wild camel supposedly kicked in his car door. The insurance company had a few doubts and investigated further, only to find video footage of an angry camel repeatedly kicking in the side of his car. Claim paid.

You never quite know when you may need insurance for scorpions, camels or birthing cows, so it’s always best to talk to adviser who can make sure you get all the cover you need… and none of the cover you don’t. Call us on 0800 823 823 or click here.

5 important insurance tips

You sign the documents, pay the premiums, but what else do you need to do to get the most out of your insurance?

1. Know what your policy covers

Make sure you understand your policy, and if you’re not sure of anything, just ask. Your adviser is here to ensure you know exactly what you’re covered for and how the claims process works – and they’re only too happy answer any questions – it makes us feel important!

2. Let us know straight away of any potential claim

Contact the police (if appropriate) and our claims department as soon as you can and we’ll let you know what information we need – usually copies of police reports, receipts, or proof of ownership of stolen items. We’ll take care of the rest.

3. Renew your policy regularly

It may seem like it comes around quicker every year, but a lot can happen in 12 months (twins?) and renewing your insurance policies regularly can save you money and ensure you always have the right level of cover. We’ll give you a call at renewal time to run through any changes and make sure your details are current.

4. Keep us in the loop!

Any changes, big or small, we’re just a phone call away. We’re not being nosey, we just want to know if anything’s changed – whether it’s a job, a new kitchen or anything else that may need to be updated on your policy. And perhaps most importantly, get in touch before you need to undergo a medical procedure, not after. The sooner we know, the better we can help ensure the claims process for any health events is smooth and handled well.

5. Relax!

We’re here to handle it. From helping you choose the right blend of insurance at a price you can afford, to keeping your policies up to date and being your biggest advocate at claims time, your adviser is here to take care of you.

Call us today on 0800 823 823 or contact us here. We’re only too happy to help.

How do you insure a driverless car?

Driverless cars – in one form or another- are scheduled to roll off the production lines as early as next year, with several car makers offering ‘traffic jam assist,’ a system that takes over braking, steering and acceleration when you’re stuck in traffic – leaving you free to catch up on Downton Abbey or how many wickets we’ve taken.

But if you drive into the car in front of you, who would be at fault?

These soon to-be-a-reality driverless car functions are causing many insurers to scratch their heads, especially given the pace and future scope of the technology. If the car’s computer causes an accident, wouldn’t the car-maker be responsible? And does this means all cars of the same model would have to be parked until the fault could be rectified?
Google announced last May that it’s producing 100 prototyped driverless vehicles that have dispensed with steering wheels and pedals altogether. The two-seater electric cars will have a top speed of 40 km/h and foam bonnets to minimise the impact of a crash.

So does this mean lower car insurance premiums could be on the distant horizon?

If accidents are reduced, naturally the number of claims will drop. And super-safe Volvo predicts they’ll be able to eliminate crashes for anyone driving its cars by 2020; with Nissan announcing similar plans. So while this is hard to believe today, even if car accidents drop only 25 percent, a $1,000 car insurance policy would drop to $750.
Many industry experts predict that people will turn their backs on car ownership and the need for car insurance altogether – they’ll simply call a driverless car with their smart phone as and when they need to get somewhere.

Makes today’s cars seem as old fashioned as the horse-driven carriages in early episodes of Downton, doesn’t it?

If you’ve got a horseless carriage that needs insurance, give us a call today on 0800 823 823 or contact us here.

A healthy balance

Cause for confusion – getting the right health insurance balance.

Choosing the right health insurance is a huge decision for most families. On one hand, you want to make sure you and your family has cover for all eventualities with quick access to the best experts; on the other hand, you need to be able to afford it.

Understanding how to balance budget and need is where insurance advisers are vital. You need to know what options are available to you, what each of those options offers and whether or not you can afford them.

The variety of health insurance plans seem endless, so how can you begin to make sense of them all so you can get the coverage for what you need and avoid paying for what you don’t? The needs of a healthy 20-something are vastly different to someone who’s entering retirement. And with each plan having different ways of handling different scenarios, do you have the time to wade through them all to get the mix right?

Your insurance adviser is there to do the hard work for you. They know what questions to ask to identify your health care needs. Do you have any pre-existing conditions? How comprehensive do you want your plan to be? What could happen should you require surgery? These are tough questions, but with careful consideration your insurance adviser will be able to find the right health insurance policy so you can get the balance just right – the cover you need at a price you can afford.

Income: your biggest asset

If you can no longer work, how can you get paid? The importance of Income Protection Insurance

More Kiwis become unable to work through illness as opposed to an accident. And while ACC will replace income for an accident, if you don’t have income protection insurance – what’s the plan for you and your family financially if you’re too sick to do your job?

The benefits of income protection insurance are clear: if you lose your income temporarily or permanently through illness or accident, you will receive up to 75 per cent of your previous salary up until the time you can return to work or reach the age of 65.

You can purchase income protection insurance through a bank – which will usually only sell its own product – or get the help of an insurance adviser who can sift through the insurance policies from different companies to find the best one for you.

The premiums are higher than for standard life insurance, but it is possible to reduce the price by increasing wait periods or reducing the level of cover – so its best to talk to your insurance adviser who can work with you to identify the right product for you financial and lifestyle needs.

Sum Insured

What would your home really cost to rebuild? Changes to NZ house insurance mean you need to know your sums…

Sum insured. It’s now the basis of most New Zealand home insurance polices and is imperative to get right. So what does it all mean? Insurance People expert adviser Katrina Church makes sense of it all.

How does sum insured differ to total replacement cover?
“Since the Christchurch earthquakes, most NZ insurers have changed the way their insurance policies operate and now require you to specify a ‘sum insured’ for your home. This means if your home is damaged or destroyed, then the sum insured is the maximum amount the insurer will be prepared to pay out on to remedy the damage.

Before then, you’d just insure your home on the basis of total replacement cover which was calculated on a square meter basis, often up to a maximum of $1,000,000.”

So how do work out what it would cost to rebuild your home?
“That’s the difficult part, too little and you’re under insured, too much and you’re overpaying on your premiums. While there are online calculators to help you work out the cost of rebuilding your home, they’re not 100 per cent accurate. As an alternative, and probably the best way to ensure you get it right, is to use the services of a specialist quantity surveyor or property valuer, who can provide more accurate valuations – especially if you’ve got a pre-1945 property or non-standard design.”

What about when you renew your home insurance policy?
“The need to set a sum insured each time your renew your home insurance policy is a good reminder to review all the information you’ve provided to your insurer. If you’re planning some big renovations, will be leaving your property vacant for any length of time, or any other information that may pose an insurance risk, you need to disclose this to your insurer. Forgetting to provide all the information could jeopardise your insurance cover if you make a claim on your policy.”

So how can your insurance adviser help?
“An insurance adviser is invaluable in helping you choose the right policy: guiding you through the sum insured process and getting you the right expert help if required, as well as keeping in touch regularly to make sure the information you provide to the insurers is always up to date, which is so important come claims time.”

Good advisers will…

What qualities should you look for in an insurance adviser to make sure you’re getting the best products and service for your situation?

A good insurance adviser always:

1. Puts your needs first. An adviser who listens carefully to what you say and goes to work for you – taking the time to make sure you have the right products and insurance mix for your needs.

2. Knows the insurance market. A good insurance adviser will be able to understand the ins and outs of a comprehensive selection of insurance products and services to meet your individual needs.

3. Has the ability to explain things clearly. Coupled with the ability to listen and empathise, a good adviser should take the time to explain, in plain English, exactly how a policy works, what it covers and how it pays out, as well as any technical terms and other questions that may come up.

4. Responds to your calls. You should be able to get hold of your adviser easily – with a timely response to calls and questions – both before and after you’ve signed up for your insurance.

5. Understands the technical details. It’s vital that an insurance adviser understands the legal requirements, policy limitations and disclosure obligations of the products they recommend, to make sure you have the best outcome when it comes time to make a claim.

At Insurance People, we know what makes a good insurance adviser, which is why you can feel confident that you get the right help to make sure you get the right insurance for you. Call…

Taking an adventure

Kiwis are an adventurous bunch. It’s one of New Zealand’s most popular pastimes with more than 2.2 million Kiwis heading overseas last year alone.

So if you’re planning a trip away – for a few days or longer, a short flight or a long haul – travel insurance should be number one on your planning list. Whether it’s replacing lost luggage, a stolen camera, or a medical evacuation back home, travel insurance is something you really cannot do without. Here are the top three reasons why.

1. Travel insurance covers the costs of medical care and evacuation
Scary fact – hospital costs in the US can reach $10,000 per day, while a medical evacuation back home can run into six figures. Even treatment for a broken arm could set you back thousands. So wherever you are in the world, you’ll want to know that you can receive the treatment you need, whatever the cost – and get back home safely.

2. Travel insurance can covers you if you need to cancel your trip
There’s some things you can’t plan for when organising a holiday. If you’re too sick to fly out, have an accident or something happens to a close relative, this insurance takes some of the pain out of having to cancel your trip. To get the most use out of this insurance, you should purchase this when you book your tickets, not just before you leave.

3. Travel insurance covers your baggage and personal belongings
Lost and stolen luggage or belongings is the reason most people buy travel insurance and the cause of most travel insurance claims – so don’t waste your spending money replacing your lost items, invest in a decent travel insurance policy and spend it on a enjoying yourself instead.

Are you planning a well-deserved holiday? Insurance People offer three levels of cover from budget to comprehensive. Click here to arrange your cover.

ACC and the SME

Could you be paying lower ACC levies? Don’t pay more for less; look at leveraging your insurance.

A large number of small businesses and self-employed New Zealanders are overpaying on their ACC levies, mainly because they are unaware of how ACC works and what other options are available to them.

ACC only provides loss of earnings compensation for work or non-work related personal injury – not for illness or a disability that prevents you from working – which statistics show is a far more likely scenario. The standard ACC policy – ACC CoverPlus, also only pays 80 per cent in loss of earnings compensation based on your previous year’s income. So if you made a financial loss in the previous year, you won’t receive a cent.

Both contractors and self-employed business owners can save significant amounts by booking a Workplace Review and leveraging insurance. How does a reduction in your ACC levies and up-to-date protection for your business sound?

Talk to one of our insurance advisers about our complimentary service, ACC Helper.

Starting a family

Life insurance and your family – welcoming a new baby, great moments and a whole new kind of responsibility.

Having a new baby can make you start asking some really big questions: what’s most important to you and how you can look after the people you love, even if you’re no longer around to do it?

That’s why more than 50 per cent of Kiwis have life insurance cover: so they have a plan in place to protect their family’s lifestyle and financial dreams should anything happen to them.

But if you’ve got a young family, then chances are you’ve also got a lot of bills to pay and lots of new expenses that come hand-in-hand with new responsibilities. And because life insurance is no longer just about lump sum payout – it’s evolved to include such things as ‘living insurance’ or monthly payouts – you need to strike the right balance between cover and affordability.

This is where an insurance adviser can help you most – by listening to your situation, understanding your needs, and then identifying the best types and levels of cover for you and your family. Your insurance adviser knows what policies are available and how they work, because they deal with them day in and day out. They’re here to help you get your insurance mix right, so you have more time think about other things – like when you’ll next have a full night’s sleep.

Privacy Policy

    • Any information you provide to Insurance People is shared only insurance providers, as relevant to your insurance application. Your information is not shared with any other third parties.
    • All Insurance People advisers and support staff sign a confidentiality agreement on joining the business which extends to our clients.
    • All Insurance People advisers and staff and are bound by our strict Code of Conduct which requires that all customer information and the privacy of that be respected.
    • All online and electronic information is captured using secure technologies and all paper-based records are located in the Insurance People head office in secure premises.

Debt Protection

  • Borrowing is a part of operating and growing but can often require a personal guarantee as part of the security. Debt Protection insurance protects your personal assets by providing your business with the funds needed to service loans should an unforeseen event occur, for example death or permanent disability.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Loss of Revenue

  • Even a short interruption to business operation can have a significant impact on profit. Loss of Revenue insurance is used to compensate a business for reduced profits caused events such as burglary, major IT issues, flooding, fire or accident,

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Here to help – Our Claims Team

  • Insurance People has its own dedicated Claims Department, to deal with the big insurance companies on your behalf. As your advisers, we play an important advocacy role, providing you with the security of knowing that your claim will be taken care of as quickly as possible. Our claims experts will manage the claims process for you at every stage, liaising with the insurance company and any other relevant parties to ensure it progresses smoothly.

    Once the claim has been accepted we follow through with all parties to make sure payment is made quickly; always keeping you informed along the way.

    It’s our promise to take care of you when you need us most – at claim time.

About us

  • Part of the People Group of companies, which opened for business 25 years ago in 1989, Insurance People has been providing expert insurance advice for Kiwis – protecting their families and their priorities – since 2006.

    Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how to offer New Zealanders the best service throughout the entire insurance process, and importantly we’re their fierce advocates at claim time.

    Our advisers know exactly what policies are out there, so making the right insurance choices are made easy. But perhaps most importantly, we know how to take a smart 360-degree view of your insurance needs, to protect you priorities in the most efficient and comprehensive way.

How we work

  • What’s important to you?

    Tell us about what’s important to you and together we’ll work out what type of cover you need. We’ll meet at a time and location that works for you, and together we’ll get it right.

    We find the right mix

    Save your precious time. We find you the best insurance options for your needs, then guide you through the process – straight-forward and fuss-free.

    We keep in touch

    We check in with you every year to make sure the information we have is up to date and that your insurance is still right for you. As life changes, so does your insurance.

    Your BIGGEST claims advocate

    When life throws a curve ball, dealing with insurance companies is the last thing you should have to do. We’re your absolute advocate at claim time: we manage the process from start to finish and put your insurance to work.

Employers Liability

  • This cover provides protection for legal defence and court awarded settlements for employment law breaches. The cover also includes legal defence costs.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Statutory Liability

  • This cover provides legal defence protection and cover for fines for some breaches of Statute such as the Resource Management Act, Financial Reporting Act, Building Act. Occupational Health and Safety legislation prevents parties from insuring for OSH fines. Cover includes legal defence costs.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Public Liability

  • This cover provides legal liability protection from damage to third party property or bodily injury. It is important cover for anybody who occupies or leases property in connection with their business, and to provide a service away from their premises, for decorators, painters, motor mechanics, electricians or plumbers.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Professional Indemnity

  • This cover provides protection against costs arising from the provision of incorrect or faulty professional advice or design, as well as defamation. It also includes defence costs.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Commercial Vehicle

  • This insurance covers you against accidental damage to or loss of your motor vehicle while engaged in personal or business use. The policy also pays for any sums you become legally liable for in regard to loss or damage to property or any person.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Material Damage

  • Replace business assets, buildings, plant and stock which has been destroyed, lost or damaged due to fire, flood, burglary, earthquake or other such insured event.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Locum Cover

  • Keep your business ticking over if you’re out of action. Locum cover reimburses the costs of replacing you with a locum, or if that’s not possible, provides funds to cover eligible business overheads.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Key Person

  • Protect your business against the financial implications that can arise from the untimely death or disablement of a key employee.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Professional Indemnity

  • Indemnity cover provides protection for professionals against damages that may be awarded or negotiated in relation to an act or error during the conduct of their profession.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Business Interruption

  • Often used in combination with Material Damage cover, business interruption insurance enables your business to remain in the same financial position in terms of trading as would have been the case before the insured event.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Shareholder Agreement Insurance

  • Also know as a continuation plan or a will for the business; this cover is vital to the ensure stability and manageability through a buy/sell agreement.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Boat Insurance

  • Pleasure boat insurance covers you against theft, malicious damage and unintentional destruction or damage to your pleasure craft when being used for private purposes.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Motorbike Insurance

  • Motorbike insurance for whatever type of biker you are, from classic to trikes, sports bikes to quad bikes. Policies can be tailored to your individual needs, depending on how often you use it and more.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Car Insurance

  • Motor vehicle insurance protects you from potentially huge costs in the event of an accident, so it’s vital to have a policy that can take care of the potential liabilities and claims.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Content Insurance

  • Make sure all the things that make your house a home are covered. Contents insurance is essential so you can repair or replace your personal belongings if they’re lost, stolen or destroyed, whether at home or temporarily anywhere else in New Zealand.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

House Insurance

  • Do you know how much your home would cost to rebuild? Don’t under- or over-estimate the value of your home so that you can get the level of insurance you need to repair or replace what is often your biggest asset.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.


  • Planning a well-deserved holiday? We offer three levels of cover from budget to comprehensive. Click here to arrange your cover, underwritten through 1Cover Direct Insurance.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Mortgage Protection

  • Protect your biggest asset by making sure you’ll be able to keep up with the mortgage repayments in the event of illness or injury, so you can focus on what’s most important – your recovery.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Income Protection

  • Income protection is all about protecting you and your family’s lifestyle in the event you’re unable to work due to ill health, with a monthly payment until you’re able to return to work or reach retirement.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Permanent Disablement Cover

  • If your life takes an unexpected turn and you become permanently disabled through accident or illness, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance provides a lump sum payout for you to spend as you choose.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Trauma / Critical Cover

  • Trauma / Critical Cover removes the financial stress that comes with suffering a major health trauma, paying out a lump sum so you and your family can concentrate on what’s most important – your recovery.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Medical / Health Insurance

  • It’s easy to get lost in the maze of medical insurance. We’ve made it our business to know the ins and outs of the different policies on offer, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Life Insurance

  • We all like to think we’re invincible, but the reality is a little different, which is why it’s so important to make sure the people you love are protected if something happens to you. Life Insurance has evolved and now offers a range of different options and benefits so it’s more important than ever to get the right policy and cover.

    How can we help? Call us today or click here to send us a query.

Your BIGGEST claims advocate

  • When life throws a curve ball, dealing with insurance companies is the last thing you should have to do. We’re your absolute advocate at claim time: we manage the process from start to finish and put your insurance to work.

We keep in touch

  • We check in with you every year to make sure the information we have is up to date and that your insurance is still right for you. As life changes, so does your insurance.

We find the right mix.

  • Save your precious time. We find you the best insurance options for your needs, then guide you through the process – straight-forward and fuss-free.

What’s important for you

  • Tell us about what’s important to you and together we’ll work out what type of cover you need. We’ll meet at a time and location that works for you, and together we’ll get it right.

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