Ten years ago, Christine Hutton went searching for an insurance adviser. And when she was recommended Katrina Church (pictured to the right) at Insurance People, she knew she had found someone who identified with her values and would be a great go-to person.

“I was looking for a partnership that I could trust and Katrina gave me that: a real person offering real service; not a huge corporation without a face. From the beginning I really felt that nothing was too much.

Katrina has never pushed a product, but has always thought carefully about who I am and my circumstances; and then aligned size, type and price of products with me. She clearly has great knowledge of the market and must be able to command a competitive price because I never felt I was paying more: it’s just really good service at a great price.”

Recently, when Christine’s health became an issue and she had to make a claim, the strength of the partnership had a significant impact. It was, in her own words, “effortless”.

“Katrina makes it really really easy 100% per cent of the time. I have had significant health issues in the last 18 months, and became part of the small category of people who have to make a large claim – even though I really don’t want to be. Katrina took away all the stress from the claims process: she checked all the paperwork; phoned the insurer; and got things fast tracked.

“I’m an intelligent person but it’s easy to miss the details – especially given the circumstances. Katrina would say to me: ‘By the way, we can claim on that particular piece of insurance’. It was a relief to know that she was taking care of it all. She also maintained contact with my husband while I was in hospital. It’s just a very good very personal service.”

And it is that combination of expertise and service that has so impressed Christine and made her recommend the Insurance People experience to others. She’s so impressed she would even introduce it to her workplace given the chance (Christine is the Head of HR for a large NZ company with employees across the country).

“If I had the opportunity I would incorporate them into our business – that is how much I would recommend them. The way that Insurance People have set themselves up is to do the right thing by their customers, and they really do. I wouldn’t be giving this interview today if I wasn’t so impressed by them!”

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