In our book, informed decisions are good decisions.

Here’s a selection of helpful pointers and expertise from the Insurance People.

House insurance that stretches

SumExtra from Vero is the first benefit available that truly addresses the underinsurance risk posed by policyholders failing to accurately measure the cost of rebuilding their home. If your existing house insurance is with Vero, it costs you nothing to upgrade to SumExtra. See below for more details about how to activate it on your […]

Help on the Roadside.

Surprise breakdowns are no fun, and can be quite a spanner in the works. Do you have AA Roadside Assist as part of your vehicle cover? Ask us for more details if you have existing cover with Insurance People or for information if you’re looking for new cover. Plus, check out the new AA Roadside […]

15 ‘blow your mind’ facts about NZ

We’re all about helping Kiwis protect what’s important to them – New Zealand and the people in it have something pretty special to protect, wouldn’t you agree? Life of course often brings its fair share of the good and the not so good, but a little while ago we spent some time surfing the net […]

“They came to the hospital!”

Going the extra mile…David shares his experience with Katrina Church (pictured) and Insurance People. There is something very comforting about being able to trust an expert. And when you are setting up your own business, choosing the right insurance can be just another stress you could do without. So when new business owner David sat […]

“Nothing was too much”.

Ten years ago, Christine Hutton went searching for an insurance adviser. And when she was recommended Katrina Church (pictured to the right) at Insurance People, she knew she had found someone who identified with her values and would be a great go-to person. “I was looking for a partnership that I could trust and Katrina […]

Protection from the toll of age…

It’s a fact – as we get older, there is greater risk that the body beautiful stops playing ball quite as well as when we were young. From an insurance perspective, this can mean that certain conditions can become hard to insure, expensive to insure, or even uninsurable. It’s never too young to get health […]

Older kids leaving home?

Insurance – not really the subject to get a rapturous response from your teenager. But if they’re making noises about going flatting, starting their first job, or planning on driving a bunch of their mates to the Mount this weekend, it’s definitely a good idea that they learn the basics… Here are some handy conversations […]

Strange insurance tales…

Truth can be stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to insurance. We’ve gathered some of the strangest claims that have been paid out on and some claims that were proven to be whoppers. 1. A livestock farmer in Devon, UK filed a claim that his phone disappeared inside the back end of one of […]

5 important insurance tips

You sign the documents, pay the premiums, but what else do you need to do to get the most out of your insurance? 1. Know what your policy covers Make sure you understand your policy, and if you’re not sure of anything, just ask. Your adviser is here to ensure you know exactly what you’re covered […]