Truth can be stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to insurance. We’ve gathered some of the strangest claims that have been paid out on and some claims that were proven to be whoppers.

1. A livestock farmer in Devon, UK filed a claim that his phone disappeared inside the back end of one of his cows. He’d been using the torch on his iPhone while assisting a cow during calving during a dark and stormy night (a likely story). The phone did turn up (or came out), but unsurprisingly didn’t work. Claim paid.

2. An elaborate scam where a person played the roles of both the insured and third party. This claimant spoke on the phone with the insurance company pretending to be both people. An unusual telephone manner during the conversations rang warning bells and further investigations revealed that the third party’s mobile phone number had been put on the contact details for a previous claim for the insured. Not the brightest of fraudsters. Claim denied.

3. A claimant who had received medical insurance and benefits for heart problems was seen appearing on a major reality TV show and performing stunts. Claim denied.

4. A holidaying Brit dropped his wallet down a drain in Israel. He didn’t claim for the loss of his credit cards or cash, but rather for the medical bills he was faced with after being stung by a scorpion trying to retrieve it. Claim paid.

5. A man tried to claim on his world travel insurance policy for being denied boarding on a flight. Why? While trying to get on a plane in Manchester, UK, he was told he’d actually booked a flight from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Claim denied.

6. A man holidaying in Australia filed a claim that a wild camel supposedly kicked in his car door. The insurance company had a few doubts and investigated further, only to find video footage of an angry camel repeatedly kicking in the side of his car. Claim paid.

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