Going the extra mile…David shares his experience with Katrina Church (pictured) and Insurance People.

There is something very comforting about being able to trust an expert. And when you are setting up your own business, choosing the right insurance can be just another stress you could do without. So when new business owner David sat down with Insurance People nearly 4 years ago, he was happy to be able to rely on their expertise to get the job done. And when he later had to make a claim, he realised that was one of the ‘best decisions he ever made’.

“I’ve been with Insurance People for 3 years, coming up 4. I would describe my experience of them during that time as very good. They came and saw me when I got in contact the first time and sat down and discussed my needs. I did it in a hurry because I was just starting up my business and needed to get insurance in place quickly. They were able to work quickly and went away, prepared quotes and I took the insurance.

They offered a good selection and some different alternatives, so it was always about what would work best for me. But as someone who was just buying a business I was able to ask them what I needed and they were able to show me my options. I had always been wary of brokers – especially after working in banking for years – but this was definitely not just a broker trying to sell me the product that makes the best commission and then walking away. What I get with Katrina and the team is really personal service: if I have any queries they always come back to me straightaway”.

Personal service which was to make all the difference when David broke his leg in an accident which was to take him out of work and stop him being able to earn his living. “I broke my leg on the Saturday, was in hospital by the Sunday so on Monday we started processing the insurance claims. I had a bunch of forms to fill in but I really wasn’t in the mood and was just feeling a bit sorry for myself. On the Tuesday or Wednesday, Katrina showed up at the hospital to help me fill the forms out! I was so impressed that they came out and saw me. They made it easy. A week after they followed up to check everything was alright, and the money was coming through all right. It really was – I always joke that I was almost better off in hospital than I was when I was earning!”

And to sum up, David describes his experience as ‘smooth and easy’. “Katrina is honest, bubbly and knows all the products from all the various companies. She really has a wealth of knowledge so you know you are always getting the best product for you. The service is so good: everything is smooth and easy. I certainly recommend them to people. They have been perfect – I couldn’t fault them.”